The Christmas Scarf

On Christmas morning, my husband handed me a present. A light, soft, squishy package. It was address to me, from him, with love. I peeled off the tape and folded back the paper, very slowly, as usual, because I really enjoy savouring the moment of suspense.

When I finally revealed the contents I turned to my daughter and exclaimed (I really did) "Did you make this?!?!!!" She replied, "NO! Dad did!" I turned to Mark and he confirmed that he had, indeed, knitted me a scarf for Christmas! I cried, and I cried. I was so touched.

Mark and Megan had been spending an awful lot of time in the tv room, with the door closed, the week before Christmas. I had felt a bit left out.

Megan sat with Mark and taught him how to knit. He started on smaller needles, but quickly switched to very large ones. She says he's a great student, and that he insisted that the scarf have tassels.


Christmas scarf