Studio Fairy

Oh BOY, I was LUCKY!!! I staggered blindly into Timothy's for a cappuccino one  Sunday morning and ran into Stacey Leunes. Stacey has just finished the Jewellery program at George Brown College, in Toronto. Last summer she worked for master goldsmith, Jeanette Walker, my friend, colleague and neighbour. Stacey is from PEI, but she is living in Toronto, for the moment. She wasn't in a big hurry to get back to Toronto, and she happily agreed to work with me for 2 weeks.

OH! I am blessed! Instantly, I called her "the Studio Fairy". Customers, friends and colleagues now know her as "the Studio Fairy".

Stacey the Studio Fairy

Stacey working
Complete with wings!

Making a bead
Making a bead

Stacey Leunes
Modeling a Stacey Leunes ORIGINAL!

THANK YOU Stacey! You saved my life. xobj