Reflecting, on my 50th Birthday

I'm finding this one to be a more emotional birthday than usual. My brilliant, hilarious, courageous brother, Ron, died from Cancer when he was 36. I was 34 and pregnant with Morgan when he passed.

We gave Morgan "Ron" as a middle name, and it bothered him to have the name of a dead uncle, until he was about 14 and saw this picture of Ron, dancing on his houseboat. Morgan asked "WHO's that?" I answered "Dead Uncle Ron." "Oh, cooool!" was his reaction. Now Morgan is proud to be named for this incredibly spirited man.

Ron's photos sit on my torch bench. His spirit lives in the studio. I ask his opinion and I get it, usually what I want or need to hear.

Pictures of Ron

The GREATEST gift Ron gave me, was The Beatles.

In Grade 7 I was crowned the "Second Runner Up Snow Princess" at Connaught Public School's Winter Carnival. Russ Jackson, the quarterback for the Ottawa Rough Riders, kissed my right cheek and presented me with a dozen, pink, sweetheart roses and a $10 gift certificate to" Treble Clef", the record store.

My reaction was "What do I do with this?" Ron said "Don't worry, I'll take you." Well, as good as his word. When we walked into "Treble Clef" I followed him directly to the back, left-hand corner of the shop. By the time I caught up with him he had pulled out a copy of "The Red Album" and he said "You should start with this one."


I have had a lifelong love of, and enjoyment from The Beatles!!!

The Beatles

We listen to The Beatles a lot, in the studio. So much so that when Megan went to her first party she came home rather pleased with herself. She said, "The guys brought out some guitars and I knew four songs!" ALL BEATLES!

I'm paying it forward Ron. Thank you!