Heather Trimlett

I had the great pleasure of studying with Heather Trimlett at the Brazee Street Studios last October. I just knew it was going to be a blast when Heather stood up and started waving a purple marker!

Heather Trimlett

Two of my delightful classmates: Dee and Leanne.



Heather explained and demonstrated...

Heather demonstrating

and we hung on her every word.

 Class participation

I even got to run my fingers through a bowl of Trimlett Candy.

Trimlett candy

Heather teaches technique, first. Because I am a full-time bead maker and I work on my own, I don't have much opportunity to learn from others. Spending the weekend with Heather and this wonderful group of flameworkers was an extremely encouraging, fulfilling and uplifting experience, and my technique improved tremendously!

Our class photo! 

Class picture